Why Outsource?

By outsourcing pre-manufactured items such as Sub-Assemblies, Harnesses, Looms and more the customer can benefit from: 

  • Lower Overall Cost
  • Reduction in Inventory Stock Holding
  • Reduced Installation Time
  • Same/Next Day Delivery
  • Minimizing Field Wiring Errors
  • Simpler Manufacturing Planning
  • 100% Tested Assemblies

Cost Savings

As a company we make extensive use of automated equipment to minimize cost and increase reliability. These machines can reduce labour content by as much as 80-90% compared to manual methods of measuring, cutting, stripping, crimping, labelling, coiling, and packaging.

We have a proven track record of delivering costs savings and improving the overall quality of the product through using our automated equipment.

Finished Stock

In addition to our 28,000sqft facility we also have a 16,000sqft facility which gives the customer options and added value of holding finished products. Our flexible approach enables us to offer all types of delivery options and services; Kanban, Consignment etc..

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