As part of our continuous process review and investment in partnerships Cornelius have added overmolding (low pressure molding) to our portfolio of capabilities.

Overmolding is the process of surrounding a component with plastic. At Cornelius we utilize a low pressure molding process to create our over-molded assemblies.

The results have already proven to be a massive success with not only overall product quality and reliability being improved but also a substantial cost saving to the clients.

Low pressure molding is suitable for the following:

  • Battery’s
  • Cable assemblies
  • Displays/Screens
  • Electronic Components
  • LED’s
  • PCB’s
  • Sensors

Some of our partners utilise overmolding in their designs for the following benefits:


Automotive, Marine, Medical, Technology, and Military industries often need to protect electronics from moisture, condensation, immersion in freshwater or saltwater, or even electronics protection from liquids such as bodily fluids.

Impact and Vibration

When the molding material cools, it hardens to a durometer of approximately 90 Shore A. This provides molded components with very good protection against impact and vibration. All connectors, soldered components and wires are encapsulated and held in place within the material. This is very effective for the automotive industry, military and technology industries where motion, vibration and impact are a concern.

Strain Relief

The same overmold materials used to encapsulate and suspend components within a semi-rigid shape allows flexibility when correctly engineered to allow proper movement for cables exiting the overmold. The technology industry, as well as any industry using cables or wires, such as Automotive, Medical and Military, can utilize low pressure molding to incorporate grommets and create strain relief.

It also offers a cost saving against high value connectors that usually have an expensive backshell or housing. Due to precision spark eroded tooling we can offer an aesthetic finish that could also incorporate the customers brand or logo.