Cable Assemblies

We design, engineer and produce cable assemblies to carry power, control signals, Ethernet communications, data pulses, and any combination thereof. Our capabilities span the range from short assemblies for electrical enclosures to 100 metre long multipurpose cables.

Cornelius uses the highest quality materials, components, and workmanship to design, develop, and manufacture cable assemblies.

Our automated preparation systems empower us to supply your prototype or production requirements in a timely manner.

Investments in the latest wire processing and manufacturing technology ensure repeatable and controlled quality; production quantities are scalable without impacting cost, turnaround and quality.

Also, with our stock holding facility we can reduce your onsite inventory with the added value of next day delivery ensuring you are prepared for any peaks and troughs in demand.

In process quality inspection and the latest in low & high voltage test equipment maintain and monitor the highest of standards.

Cable assemblies being the backbone of the company have assisted in the growth of Cornelius Electronics. Working closely with our customers and understanding the application has helped Cornelius grow in knowledge and experience and offer more services over the years – whether it is a single cut wire, control panel or the finished item we are happy to discuss further.